My name is Charlotte. I am a Artist, illustrator, Knitwear designer and mum of two boys. I grew up in rural Somerset, in a quiet valley within the rolling Mendip Hills and close to the beautifully expansive Somerset Levels. I spent my childhood drawing and creating surrounded by nature and it has ever since inspired me in all I do.
After studying Womenswear Design at the London College of Fashion, I had a successful career as a knitwear designer, working for many well know international brands and being lucky enough to travel the world and meet so many interesting people. I continue to work in fashion on a consulting basis, designing and freelancing under my company CH Fashion Design Consulting Ltd which I founded after 16 years of working for brands in-house (You can find snippets of my fashion portfolio here). 
In 2014 and 2017. After having my two children I started painting more and rediscovering my childhood love of botanical art and Charlotte Hogg Studio was born.  

My vision in launching Charlotte Hogg Studio was to create beauty through botanical hand drawn art. I noticed that the high street was full of digitally designed, graphic prints and I was keen to explore my own passion of pretty and colourful paintings with great attention to detail and uniqueness for people of all ages who like me, are passionate about flora and fauna and want to bring nature into their homes and to be surrounded by uplifting force of the great outdoors.

All my paintings are completely created and designed by me. Everything is hand painted using mainly watercolour however I do also use gauche, pastels and pencils in some of my paintings. I do sometimes digitally finish prints but trying to maintain a level of hand made as much as possible. All my personalised prints are unique with every single name print being one of a kind.

I am passionate about the ethicacy of my brand, please find my environmental policy here. 

Contact me via email at info@charlottehoggdesign.com

Check out my paintings on Pinterest and Instagram @charlottehoggstudio

Charlotte Hogg Design Botanical Floral Fine Art Giclee Prints
Charlotte Hogg design Botanical floral Fine Art Giclee Prints